About us
Changes are:

We build on the legacy of the past and adapt to a changing environment. Agrina was co-founded by my father and two partners just before we joined the EU. Back then, the focus was mainly on export-import. They gained a lot of experience and long-term partners in emerging countries, the Balkans and Eastern European markets.


The next generation has now taken over the baton and the focus has shifted from trading to consulting.

Market players face new challenges as the technological, economic and political environment changes. Actors distancing themselves from the business world, have become drivers of the business environment – directly or indirectly – shaping business decisions.


We help businesses to navigate in this constantly changing world and turn risks into opportunities.

Why choose us?

Living in this region history has taught us to adapt to changes.


Our region is situated on the border between Western and Eastern cultures. In many ways, it belongs, or would like to belong, to the West, but many of its roots are linked to the East. If we apply the approaches taken in one or the other world, it causes confusion and leads to ineffectiveness. At the same time, if a company sees – as some have already discovered – the opportunities arising from our particular situation, it can succeed very well.

We have proven knowledge, understanding and orientation in this part of the world, and among the EU institutions.

We believe that what really matters in our work is not who we know, but who knows us and what they think about us. It takes a very long time to build up a credible image, but it can be destroyed within a second. That’s why it’s natural for us to act in the best interests of our clients: we keep their credibility in mind at all times. Credibility is the basis for helping our clients to achieve their goals in the long run. Credibility ensures that, regardless of political changes, we provide professional assistance to our clients.

Administrative expertise for companies

Agrina’s professionals come primarily from public administration. Typically, they have several years’ or decades’ experience in public administration. They are familiar with Hungarian and EU rules and regulations, as well as with certain third countries as markets, and know how to find potential trading partners and investors.


The professionals we work with:

  • Experts on the Common Agricultural Policy, FMCG sector for at least 5 years and 20 years
  • Experts on EU and WTO trade policy for at least 10 to 20 years
  • Experts on intellectual property rights for 20 years
  • Experts on the internal market for 20 years
  • Professionals with at least 20 years of experience in financial regulation
  • Colleagues who work in the media
  • Colleagues working with NGOs
  • International and regional consulting firms

Principles of Ethics

The professional practice of public policy is indispensable without ethical principles. As our role is to communicate effectively and transparently and efficiently between policy-makers, businesses and consumers, it is particularly important that we conduct our work in a way that respects social and professional standards.

Our key principles:



Our work is carried out in accordance with anti-corruption legislation. We reject either direct or indirect forms of corruption and any form of bribery.



Our advice is always objective and based on facts. We constantly strive to ensure that our advice is always unbiased and reflects all relevant aspects for our clients. We are constantly developing and improving ourselves to provide the best possible service to our clients.



We are transparent in our interactions with our clients and decision-makers. We always indicate to government officials when we consult with them in the context of an engagement. We are open with our clients about our interactions with stakeholders.