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is important for us.

We believe that if we make professional use of the opportunities offered by the legislators – whether it is a free trade agreement or the conscious and effective use of diplomatic relations – the market opportunities for Hungarian and Central European products will be expanded. We can help to explore these opportunities. We help our clients in identifying the market entry barriers and offer solutions to overcome them.

What do we offer?

Improving trade relations:

The role of diplomatic relations in expanding trade relations is becoming increasingly important. Companies that were able to adapt to this new world gained a head start. Today, this knowledge is the basis for a level playing field. We use our experience and knowledge to help you navigate this ever-changing world.

Monitoring and interpreting EU trade agreements, channelling sectoral positions:


Any trade agreement is worth as much as it exploits the advantage of the opportunities it offers. The EU has concluded many trade agreements and has more in the pipeline. These agreements are complex, are the result of many compromises. Our experts have decades of experience in negotiating and interpreting these agreements. We utilize this knowledge to help our clients to achieve their business objectives easier.