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So far, the Eastern European market has considered the media primarily as a marketing interface, although in reality, it is much more than that. The role of the media in influencing opinions, forming decisions and shaping the market has now become unavoidable for brands.

Companies are increasingly expected to take a position on issues that are relevant to society/consumers but fundamentally unrelated to the company. We help you to:


  • Take these expected positions with as little sales/reputational risk as possible,


  • Develop a corporate or industry “profile” that adds value to the brand through these positions, helping to win value-based consumers to the brand.

What do we offer?




We provide you with regular media monitoring and interpretation, including offline and online/social media.




We identify and alert you when a high-risk media campaign is launched against the company or industry.



We create strategies to improve the image of the company or sector, we help you to build and maintain your own influencers, media networks and relationships.



We involve the regular media in delivering the company’s messages.