Business & Politics
– free from politics

Besides market risks companies have to face with:

  • the constant change of legislation


  • the changing role of states


  • the opportunities and risks offered by the social media


briefly: political risks

Political risk is mentioned with care in Eastern Europe however it is an accepted and measured challenge in Western Europe.

We have a methodology:


  • to monitor and assess governmental decisions


  • to convey the company’s messages to decision-makers and the public in a professional and transparent manner

Over the past decades, we have been dealing with this at home and in Brussels, in public administration and the business world. We build on this experience and the credibility we have built over that time.

Our goal: to help articulate and convey messages from companies and advocacy groups: to turn risks into opportunities.

What do we offer?

EU relations:

We monitor, analyse & interpret the sectorial, relevant EU proposals & trade policy issues and make summaries for business decision-makers on a weekly/monthly basis.

Relations with the Public Administration

We build long-term, transparent relationships between Hungarian / EU decision-makers and the company, in line with the company’s ethical principles.

Regulatory Affairs

We constantly monitor changes in EU and national legislation affecting the sector and company and create a relevant strategy for our clients.

Assessing the risks and opportunities

We assess and monitor changes in the political, regulatory, and social media environment that determines company decisions.